Frequently Asked Questions

How are my phone contacts secured in the ShoutNow database?
Your contacts are safely secured and encrypted on ShoutNow’s servers which are located on Amazon’s EC2 cloud serving system. We don’t share or make available your numbers to others, EVER.

How is my payment processed?
All payments are processed using PayPal. It’s a reliable service sponsored by Ebay and has the highest fraud and safety protection.

How can I tell when my message is delivered?
The best way is to include your phone number in the distribution list.

Once I have sent a message to my contacts, are these contacts saved for future use in my ShoutNow account?
Not yet. But, we’ll be working on implementing this feature set over the next month- look for this by end of December 2008.

How many people can I deliver my message to from my contact database?

Obviously you won’t be able to call everyone in the Universe. We’re in Beta and working hard to figure this one out.

How can I import my contacts?

No import yet! It’s on our list..including integration with Outlook, Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo, MSN, etc..

Can I save my message and reuse it later?

Well, we do save the messages…you won’t have access to them yet. However, we’re working hard on getting this functionality.

What number shows up when ShoutNow calls me?


What number shows up when ShoutNow calls my friends?


How can I invest in ShoutNow?

Call 317.215.5012 and ask to get connected to Dan.

How can I talk to ShoutNow about business applications?

Call 317.215.5012 and ask for:

Sonal for Health, Education and Community Markets

Joel for Personal use like social media, parties, etc

Graham for Enterprise applications

How can I get an interview with a smart-mouthed ShoutNow person?

Call 317.215.5012 and ask for Molly. She’s not the smart-mouthed one, but she’ll put you in touch with them.

How are you differentiated from your competitors?

We know there are tons of competitors in the space. What makes us different?  No salespeople, no complex forms, no extended demos, no crazy ten-tiered pricing structure. If you have a message and a thousand people need to know it RIGHT NOW you shouldn’t have to jump through a million hoops. Or if you want to share a holiday greeting to a few friends you can do that, too. We designed our voice message service to be rapid, easy and painless.  No big bells, no whistles, no call to schedule a demo.  That’s what differentiates us.

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