For Business

ShoutNow allows you to deliver your personal messages directly to your customers- no frills, no middleman. Straight to the ones who count. ShoutNow will provide the tools to get you started. Here is what we recommend.

  1. Write your script first. Determine what you will say in your customer message. After you enter your phone number in the dashboard, ShoutNow will call and ask you to record your message. If you have prepared a script, you will know what you want to say, your message will be clear, concise and compel your audience to listen. Sound upbeat, but don’t talk too fast.
  2. Have your phone numbers handy in a spreadsheet or document. This will allow you to copy and paste the phone numbers into the dashboard. ShoutNow is working feverishly on capabilities which will allow you to upload files into a database to store your contacts. Check back in Jan ’09 for those features.
  3. If applicable, mention a promotional offer or coupon in your message letting customers know that if they mention the message when they shop, they will receive a discount. Or provide a code for shopping on a website so you can track the effectiveness of your message. If you are promoting an event, be sure to mention the date, time and website they can visit for more information
  4. Be diligent about capturing phone numbers every time you interact with your target market.  We know you have concerns about the “National Do Not Call List” and we do, too. As part of this policy, a person may still receive calls from companies with which he or she has an existing business relationship for up to 18 months after their last purchase, payment, or delivery, unless they specifically ask the company not to call again. So, rule of thumb- if they are one of your customers, give them a Shout!

The ShoutNow team is available to answer any questions you have. We’d all like to know- how would you Shout?

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