Startup Weekend – Indianapolis

One Weekend. One Startup.
Over the course of one very bitter cold and snowy weekend, ShoutNow was formed in the basement of Purdue’s Engineering & Technology building located in downtown Indianapolis. The eight founding members of ShoutNow were brought together by the Indianapolis Startup Weekend, an intense 54 hour event specifically intended to launch at least one startup by Sunday night. This particular weekend launched four.

The Idea

The seed for ShoutNow was first planted in Dan Melton’s head 3 weeks before the group came together when he was reading TechCrunch’s review of Twilio, an open source cloud API voice communication tool. Twilio’s super-simple developer platform has made it possible to create voice services that are bound only by the imagination. Fortunately for ShoutNow, Dan and his co-horts, Darby Frey and David Snodgrass had a long and boring eight hour drive from Kansas City to Indianapolis.

A lot of creative brainstorming took place and at some point along I-70 between St. Louis and Terre Haute the idea came into focus. Gone are the days when startups are formed in garages- this one was born in a Scion Xb. With the developer team based in Kansas City and Biz Dev, Design and Marketing located in Indianapolis, there could be more road time in the future for this Silicorn Valley startup!

The Future

The future is bright and exciting for ShoutNow. We have plans to expand our offerings and services and the world of mobile and voice technology is exciting. We will set the curve so you know your voice is always being heard.