Our Team

Meet Our Team of Shouters!

Dan Melton

Brainstorming genius and ShoutNow creator. He codes, shouts and presents for ShoutNow. He loves to drink beer and he’s really loud! Wait till you hear him SHOUT!

Joel Smith
Creative Branding and Marketing Designer

A branding extraordinaire who strives to create the emotional connection between his creative web design and the people who get to see them. His inspirational thought: “Photoshop gives me acne but you can’t see it because of my good apricot scrub.” Washing hands, well, that’s his thing because he loves the smell of soap!

Graham Peck
Creative Biz Developer and Strategist

Shockingly connected with the world around him. Graham gets his energy from the ‘buzz’ of what his customers want. Somewhat of a jack of all trades. Need a unique selling proposition? Calculate the ROI? Give him a problem, he will find you a solution and help you implement and maintain it. His feedback: The energy in this room, man it works for me!

Darby Frey
Creative Coders and Senior Interactive Developer

Want to code a site? Want to bring all of the creative energy to the behind the scenes stage? Darby is definitely one of your talented, patient and gifted coders that can get things to happen. If you see it, his team created it behind the scenes. We wouldn’t be Shouting without him. Oh, and Darby does smile and shout to himself, but only when he’s coding on ShoutNow.

Sonal Sheth
the Voice of ShoutNow

Energy specialist! She senses your mood, drops color and soothes the room. Sonal is the lovely voice of ShoutNow. When we call you, its Sonal stepping you through the ShoutNow system.