Nov 20

Next time you login to your ShoutNow accout, you’ll notice some changes. In an effort to make ShoutNow easier and simpler to use, we have removed some little used features and made some other tweaks to make your experience better. So, what has changed? Navigate easier We cut down on the - More...

Aug 10

Monday August 10, 2009 launches its revamped service at the Atlanta-based ShotPut Ventures Demo Day. ShoutNow enables quick and simple broadcasting of your voice to contacts on Twitter, Facebook or their phones. Consumers use it to cancel practice, announce a ‘Baby on - More...

Jul 28

Earlier today, one of our valued clients, Rainmakers, sent out a Shout Campaign to their list of members.  Unfortunately, the shout went out 10 times to the list. In our old system, it was impossible to blast a shout out 10 times because you have to pay each time before it processes.  If an - More...

Apr 13

This Thursday, the ShoutNow crew will be recognized as a nominee for a TechPoint Mira Award during a reception held at Baker & Daniels in Indianapolis. ShoutNow is in the running for an “Innovation of the Year” award and we would love for all of our supporters to be there. Baker - More...

Mar 15

Here are some instructions on how to complete an “Ad Hoc Distribution ” of an application before it’s available in the iTunes Apple Store. We thought our fearless alpha testers might find these useful! Note: We have not reached our 100 tester limit yet, so tell your friends!

Also, here is a helpful video Dan created which will walk you through the install steps.

Please send us an email at if you experience any problems along the way. Otherwise, Darby will just be busy watching back episodes of The Tyra Show he missed during SXSW.

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Mar 14

We’re live from SXSW (and Barcamp) and want to send a quick announcement that we are still looking for testers for the ShoutNow iPhone app. Email: with your iPhone’s Unique User Identification number. For information on how to locate that number, please read these - More...

Mar 11

That’s right folks! We have been busy creating new and FREE ways for you to let your voice be heard. And we won’t stop at the iPhone.

We submitted the app to the Apple store on Monday for approval. We are hoping this process will only take a couple days to allow for the app to be available in time for South by Southwest in Austin (more on this later).

Getting Started

Download the app either directly from your iPhone or from a link which will be on our home page and will take you to the Apple Store. Once the app is installed on your iPhone (software 2.0 or higher) you will create a ShoutNow login to record and upload your messages to the public timeline. Note: While an iPhone and login is required to record messages you don’t need one to listen to them!

Tag it, Tweet it, Share it

Once you record your message you are able to name it and tag it with keywords. You can also instantly play your message back before posting it.

You can also sync your shouts with your twitter account. This is just an option, so if you don’t twitter, don’t fret- you can still Shout! If you do twitter, simply enter your twitter login info when asked for it your Shouts will automatically update on your twitter feed. No more pesky character limitations. Phew! Once you have tweeted your shout your friends can listen to your message on the ShoutNow public timeline even if they do not have an iPhone or a ShoutNow account. Access is unrestricted and totally free!

As you add Shouts to your timeline you can go back and view them on your Shoutbox page listed by the date they were recorded. They will be saved and you can continue to tag them, tweet and share them with your friends. Read the rest of this entry »

Mar 4

If you have made chocolate chip cookies from scratch, you can appreciate how many ingredients it takes to make them successfully. Just one forgotten ingredient, or too little or too much of something and the delicious treat will fail to delight.

Twilio has perfected the recipe for the open telephony API platform and investors, developers and customers alike have taken notice.  An announcement broke yesterday in TechCrunch that Twilio closed their first round of funding (amount unknown) led by Founders Fund and Mitchell Kapor. The cash infusion will be used for sales and marketing and infrastructure services. In addition to TechCrunch, posts appeared on GigaOm and TelephonyOnline and included details about Twilio’s new customers including Cheetos, Earth911, Tumblr and Sony Music. Read the rest of this entry »

Feb 12
Startup Riot 2009

Startup Riot 2009

We can try and be calm and collected and pretend that we’re sooo cool. But what the hell, we are EXCITED!! ShoutNow has been accepted as a presenter at Startup Riot in Atlanta. Dan will have 3 minutes & 4 slides to present our concept, service and the investment opportunity to a room of 400 of the best and most connected angel investors, VCs, press and bloggers. Contain ourselves? Why bother. Woohoooo!!

Ok, deep breath.

This is a good time to let you, our faithful followers, know that we are going to be seeking a small round of angel funding. This will allow us to develop the next set of features that will allow you to use ShoutNow in even more fun and awesome ways. I don’t want to give too much away, but just imagine if you could send Shouts to your Facebook contacts without needing to look up their phone numbers. Sound fun? We hope so.

Look for Dan at the Startup Riot on Wednesday, February 18th. Check out their website here for more information. They will be recording all presentations and we will be sure to get it posted as soon as it’s available. Check back soon!

Keep Shouting!
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Jan 15

Hi, Molly here. It’s been a couple weeks since our last post and I thought now that we’ve been in Beta for a month, this would be a good chance to update you on how things are going here at ShoutNow.

2008 was a big year for ShoutNow. That was supposed to be a joke- I hope some of you laughed. It was a short year considering we formed on December 5th and launched our beta site on December 15th. Nevertheless it will go down in history as the year ShoutNow debuted on a web browser near you.

So far our Beta has been great. We have sent over 3000 shouts. We have a few repeat customers, including Rainmakers, a statewide networking group based in Indianapolis, who have found ShoutNow useful in reminding their members of events.  Lorraine Ball an organizer of many of the Rainmaker events and founder of RoundPeg an Indianapolis based Marketing and PR firm has had this to say about using ShoutNow during the beta:

<<We have used Shout Now several times since launch a month ago. Each time with great results.  The first time was for a last minute party  – 75 calls made, and 15 people who missed the email invite showed up. The second was a reminder for a business event – 1,500 calls and more than 150 attended the event.  Many would have come anyway, but this additional call definitely boosted attendance for a networking event on December 30th. And finally my favorite story.  A client attended a weekend trade show, and came home with about 100 leads.  While he is going to mail follow up packages, and send an email, we tested Shout now.  Within 5 minutes of the “Shout” he got a call from one of the prospects, quoted a project and closed the deal. >>

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